Architectural Projects in Santa Monica, CA and Beyond

Waterfront Developments

For approximately 6 years, Gregory H Ginter Architect served as the chief design architect for several waterfront developments along the eastern seaboard.  These projects include individualized design styles befitting the local areas, with consideration given to program types and dictated sizes according to the local zoning regulations.  They all share the goal of revitalizing dilapidated and misused waterfront land. These sites were initially fenced off from the community at large and contained abandoned buildings, neglected marinas and empty swimming pools.  In many cases, they were surrounded by water that was littered with garbage, sunken boats and automobiles.  The projects are at various stages of the construction process.
Sheepshead Bay Lofts
Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn is a tranquil beach and fishing community by day that also offers a lively mix of restaurants, bars and theaters that make up its nightlife. This loft building, with a communal roof top deck, features 18 new suites with private outdoor balconies and terraces that overlook a restored water’s edge containing new docks, boat slips, a waterside promenade and community park. 

Mill Basin Homes
Located on the luxurious peninsula of Mill Basin, Brooklyn, this development created a village of ten single-family homes.  All were built facing the renovated docks, dockside swimming pool and new deep-water marina that makes boat slips available to the residents and neighborhood community.

Cape May Town homes
Located in historic Cape May, NJ, between two community parks that overlook Cape Island Creek (a bird and wetlands sanctuary), this luxurious community of triplex town homes would be built above a restored Superfund site. In addition to improving a neglected and forlorn area of Cape May, the project includes plans to renovate the community owned playgrounds, ball fields, tennis courts and basketball courts in the parks that surround the site.

Gerritsen Beach Townhouses
Located in the quaint beach and fishing community of Gerritsen Beach, this development consists of 32 single and two family town homes, featuring open plans with light filled living spaces, cathedral ceilings, garages and balconies with water views. The homes will be joined by a new pedestrian promenade winding along the newly restored water’s edge and marina.