Architectural Projects in Santa Monica, CA and Beyond

79th Street Loft

Completed as an associate with Karen L Jacobson, Architects Studio, two higher story apartments on Manhattan’s Upper Eastside were combined to form a loft style apartment.  The task at hand was to create the open space that the owner desired while navigating around the many existing plumbing and electrical stacks that were littered throughout the existing walls. Given the age of the original construction, there were no building personnel familiar with the existing systems nor were there any accurate drawings available for guidance.  The successful arrangement of the spaces was produced only after an extensive period of selective and exploratory demolition. 

The combined spaces resulted in a long configuration with the open living spaces overlooking the street, with the private bedroom spaces situated on the side of the rear courtyard. The original interior of plain and cold gypsum block and plaster was replaced with warm and inviting natural wood floors, natural wood cabinets and natural stone finishes.  Clean, modern detailing complimented the Owner’s extensive mid-century modern furniture collection.